Enduring Powers of Attorney
Property Managers & Welfare Guardians

I know what a power of attorney is but what is an enduring power of attorney and why would I need one?

Clients often ask these exact questions.  While you may be familiar with a standard power of attorney - the document used when you need someone to be your legal representative if you are out of the country or non-contactable and need urgent personal matters dealt with - clients are less familiar with enduring powers of attorney. 

There are two types of enduring powers of attorney - an enduring power of attorney for property, covering all (or specified) aspects of your property (house, bank accounts, investments, shares, mortgages and loans) and an enduring power of attorney relating to your personal care and welfare.  They are two different documents with different purposes. 

Our team specialise in advice on all of the different powers of attorney. We also advise on the formal process required to make an application to the Court for a property manager or welfare guardian to be appointed should a person be mentally incapable and their property or daily care and welfare needs to be dealt with.  We can also advise on the ongoing requirements for review of a property manager role or welfare guardian appointment. 

For more information about enduring powers of attorney or the appointment of property managers and welfare guardians please contact Bev Roche (DDI 04 494 1590) or David Murphy (DDI 04 494 1591)


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