Intellectual Property

I have the next greatest invention and I want to protect it.  Do I Copyright it?  Trademark it? Patent it?  What is the difference?  Can it be any more complicated? 

The Intellectual Property Office defines IP as including "a diverse range of commercial assets from patents for new inventions through to copyright protected artworks". 

Our team can unravel the mystery of IP.  We can provide advice on what type of protection is available for your idea, invention, music, film, software, architectural design, manufacturing process, electrical device or plant variety, to name a few. 

It is a common misconception that forming a company or securing a domain name automatically gives you the exclusive right to use that name for branding. The best way to get protection is to register your new brand/name/logo as a Trademark.

The area of patents is complex and specialised. We work alongside specialist patent attorneys to give you secure patent protection.

We can advise on and prepare an application for a trademark or a trade name.  We can provide advice and prepare contractual documents for you should you wish to licence or franchise your product.  If you wish to sell or purchase a business with IP included, then we can prepare the correct documents for the transaction. 

For more information on Intellectual Property contact Julius Maskell (DDI 04 494 8362)


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