Clients often ask us why should I have a Trust?  What is it?  How can it help me? 

Our team of Trust experts can answer those questions and more. 

There are different types of Trusts - a Family Trust, a Trading Trust, a Charitable Trust or a Trust set up for a special purpose (for example, an Inheritance Trust).  One Trust does not fit all!

It is important that your Trust is considered in your wider family/business context and is tailored to fit your exact needs.  There may be additional factors to be taken into account such as asset protection and estate planning requirements. 

It is prudent to ensure that any Trust arrangements fit neatly alongside any arrangements with your personal assets, so careful consideration also needs to be given to your Will and distribution of your assets upon your death. 

Our Trust experts can fully advise on all of these aspects as a whole - your personal assets, your Trust requirements, your Will and your estate planning matters. 

For more information on Trusts please contact Bev Roche (DDI 04 494 1590) or David Murphy (DDI 04 494 1591)


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