Unit Titles

Are you the owner of a Unit Title property? Are you looking to buy, sell, or develop a Unit Title property? Our team is at the cutting edge of the Unit Titles Act 2010 and ready to help.

Thousands of people across the country live in Unit Title developments and this is only set to increase in the future. Wherever people live in close proximity and share common areas disputes can arise.

We are leading the way and our experts can: 

  • Tell you about your obligations as an owner of an apartment in a Unit Title development.
  • Assist you with pre-contract disclosure statements, pre-settlement disclosure statements, and additional disclosure statements.
  • Advise if your Body Corporate complies with all its legal requirements.
  • Tell you about your liability as a committee member, chairperson or secretary.
  • Prepare and enact new and amended Body Corporate Rules.
  • Look over management contracts, long term maintenance plans and other contracts.
  • Enforce Body Corporate Rules and collect unpaid levies

Does the Body Corporate for your Unit Title development comply with the rules?

If you would like to discuss a Unit Title matter please contact Julius Maskell (DDI 04 494 8362)


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